Innovation Group

Innovation Group

Innovation drives business success. Our Innovation group aims to foster creativity by supporting and delivering high value programming that has the power to transform the way people do business.

NewNorth Center

NewNorth Center for Design in Business is a world-class innovation methodologies training organization focused on transforming the minds of top business leaders. These leaders, in turn, inspire innovation at area companies.

Talent Development & Attraction

As one of the fastest job growth areas in the nation, Lakeshore area companies need top talent. Our Innovation team collaborates with area partners to help companies attract and develop the skilled workforce required for business success. 

Our newest collaborative talent development effort has resulted in Connections, a systematic approach to linking area companies with more than 24,000 area middle and high school students. Connections was initiated by the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, along with Brian Walker, CEO, Herman Miller and Franco Bianchi, President, Haworth, and 7 area superintendents. Check out the video for an introduction to Connections from Franco and Brian. You can also learn about Connections in the program overview video below.




Launched in 2010, TEDxMacatawa provides a creative forum for business leaders to share new ideas to invigorate the West Michigan business environment.

Innovate West Michigan

In partnership with the Right Place in Grand Rapids, Innovate West Michigan facilitates technology transfer throughout West Michigan.

On top of infusing the West Michigan business community with great ideas, our Innovation team is always on the lookout for BHAGs: Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. We’ve tackled a number of these goals already—such as the acquisition and conversion of Pfizer’s R&D lab into MSU’s BioEconomy Institute—but we’re continually setting our sights on new ones.

We can help you connect with the right ideas to make big things happen.

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