Holland entrepreneur builds $1 million business on making off-road vehicles tougher

By Myron Kukla | MLive

HOLLAND, MI — Designer Andrew Prins sees his business mission as taking new $10,000 off-road vehicles and driving them hard until they break.

Then Prins, founder and owner of Racer Tech, takes the damaged Utility Terrain Vehicle back to his shop and figures out what caused the failure and creates replacement parts to fix the machine so it becomes better and stronger.

“I bought a Polaris RZR in 2008 as a shop car to see what kind of products we might be able to design for it for aftermarket sales,” said Prins from the company offices and plant at 552 E. 24th St.

“We drove that car until it broke and just found all kinds of things we could build to make it better,” said Prins, 30, whose company last year topped $1 million in sales.

Today, the company designs, manufactures and sells a whole catalog of accessories products at goracertech.com for “long travel sand rail” vehicles — think dune buggies on steroids.

The off-road sport has been popularized by the Polaris RZR Side by Side off-road machines that range in price from $11,500 for an Indy Red two-seater to $21,000 for a Jagged X Edition Stealth at polaris.com.

“Razors are the new big boy toys used for weekend runs, cross country and rally races,” said Prins, a Holland native who got into the off-road vehicle business after graduation from Grand Rapids Community College in Mechanical Engineering.

Products designed by Prins and Racer Tech — motto “Bulletproof UTV Parts and Accessories” — include steel tube roll cages, front and rear bumper assemblies and lots and lots of chassis products from springs to entire chassis component assemblies that give off-road vehicles a more body-friendly ride.

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